MMM Template

We made this template because honestly it’s a lot of work to do MMM manually if you don’t have the benefit of reusable code or software, and yet nothing beats the humble spreadsheet for developing an intuition for how these things work. We made it free because too many people we know were getting ripped off by consultants doing essentially a worse version of this and charging thousands of dollars for the pleasure.

Feel free to use the template in your own analysis by clicking the link below and creating a copy to paste your own data into. If you’re modifying this template for use in creating your own blog posts or videos, all we ask is that you please provide proper attribution back to Recast.

> Recast MMM Template

> Explainer Video

This template is now published on GrowthFullStack, alongside instructions for using your own data to complete it.

If you are interested in a more advanced analysis in code, that can help you better automate marketing mix modeling, then have a look at our Bayesian MMM tutorial on the Recast website, or talk to us about our automated MMM solution.

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