Recast Case Studies

How leading brands are using Recast to eliminate wasted marketing spend,
forecast reliably and understand the true incrementality of their marketing efforts.

PODS moved from legacy MMM to modern, always-on MMM with Recast.

With a complex media mix and focus on measuring incremental new customers, PODS began their MMM journey with a legacy vendor. They soon sought a solution that could be used for in-flight media optimization and planning, and quickly landed on Recast’s modern MMM platform.

Since that time, Recast has become a trusted source of truth at PODS for measurement and media planning.

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Daily Harvest solved compounding media measurement problems with Recast.

Doubts about an internal MTA tool, expansion into brick-and-mortar stores, and a renewed focus on efficiency… The Daily Harvest team had a lot on their plates when they first came to Recast.

Over the last two years, Recast has helped Daily Harvest resolve these measurement challenges, and has become their go-to platform for marketing planning & driving efficient new subscriber growth.

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Negative Underwear found their source of measurement truth with Recast.

Negative Underwear struggled to measure the incrementality of their existing media channels and in-platform metrics summed to 2.5x actual sales.

They turned to Recast to measure the true performance of their media mix, understand the seasonality of their business and save millions in wasted ad spend.

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How Mockingbird Measures True Incrementality with Recast

Mockingbird needed a holistic approach to marketing and incrementality measurement, so turned to Recast’s MMM platform.

Recast has become a pivotal part of Mockingbird’s business, providing a holistic source of truth for their marketing performance and helping them forecast their business as they scale into new channels.

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