Drive more revenue, spend less money

Better insights, better outcomes. Get actionable insights that enable your marketing team to make real changes, not just measure what has already happened.

Measure all of your marketing channels in real time

Recast gives you all of the information you need to adjust your marketing budget in real time. Redirect funds from an under-performing channel to one of your top performers. Never miss your target again.

A better way to measure

Measure when it matters most

Recast measures your channel performance during the holiday period without having to run lift tests that could put your plan at risk.

No more coupon codes

Recast doesn’t rely on coupon codes or link tracking. Stop training your customers to expect discounts just to enable reporting.

Measure all of your sales channels

Measure your marketing impact on DTC, brick-and-mortar, and major retailer sales all in the same platform.

Understand the drivers of your marketing performance

Recast calculates how long it takes your marketing spend dollars to have their full effect so you can time your marketing campaigns for peak awareness.

Learn which channels can absorb more budget without declining efficiency and when it’s time to explore new channels. See how each channel’s efficiency changes over time and with the seasons.

Insight when it matters most

  • For many retail businesses, 30% of their business occurs during the peak holiday shopping period. Recast measures your peak marketing incrementality without running risky lift tests.
  • Lift tests run outside of holiday periods don’t generalize to in-season performance
  • Real-time tools from Recast help you adjust spending during the most important time of the year

Upgrade your budgeting process

  • Fine-tune your budget to match your business needs using granular control options.
  • Use Recast’s built-in budgeting tool to remove the guess work from your planning process.
  • Optimize your marketing budget by analyzing your historical spend and efficiency patterns plus seasonality with Recast.

Recast works with the data you already have

Collect your marketing spend data — one row per day with one column per marketing channel

Collect your outcome data — one row per day with one column for the outcomes important to your business

Let Recast help you optimize channel performance, budget, and plan

Better insights means more profit

Using Recast’s proprietary technology, your marketing team can increase sales and profitability. Schedule a demo to learn more!

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