Finally, an MMM platform built for modern marketers

Modern marketers need tools that are unbiased and accurate. Recast’s proprietary model was built by a team of in-house PhD Data Scientists and is continuously improved by their research.

Goal Tracker

Input a business goal (revenue, CPA or ROI) and Recast will automatically track your pacing against it and your probability of meeting it.

Use the Goal Tracker to answer questions like:

  • How am I pacing towards my Q4 revenue goal?
  • If I spend an extra $100k on influencers, how does that impact the likelihood of meeting my goal?

Budget Optimizer

Input your goal and spend constraints (per channel & total), and the Optimizer Tool will provide a budget that’s perfectly optimized for your selected target (profit, ROI, or revenue).

Use the Budget Optimizer to answer questions like:

  • I want to drive $7mm in Q3 revenue. What’s the ideal spend by channel to get us there?
  • My business needs to operate at ROAS > 3.0. What’s the most we can spend while staying above this level? Which channels should we allocate this spend to?

Scenario Analysis

Input your per-channel planned spend and receive forecasts (conservative, base and aggressive) of expected revenue or acquisitions up to one year in the future.

Use the Forecaster Tool to answer questions like:

  • How many new customers will my current media mix drive over the next 12 months?
  • If I shift $50k/mo from Meta to Non Brand Search, how will that impact revenue?

In-Platform Backtesting

Good MMMs can consistently predict the future. Recast provides a model prediction scorecard with every model refresh.

Use the in-platform backtesting scorecard to answer questions like:

  • How accurately did last month’s models forecast our actual revenue results?
  • How can I take confident action with the forecasts from today’s model?

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What methodology does Recast use?

Recast is a fully bayesian statistical model powered by a Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampling algorithm implemented in Stan.

How frequently do you provide results and can the delivery cadence be customized at all?

Recast updates every week. We can also discuss an alternate cadence, as needed.

How is Recast different from competitors?

Our model is the only fully automated Bayesian SaaS MMM offering on the market. Our offering was built for performance marketers and has sophisticated handling of complex marketing concepts. Competitors do not generally offer weekly results with confidence intervals.

Does Recast rely on integrations with ad platforms?

No, Recast only uses first-party data. Our platform does not use any user-level or cookie data, so it’s easy to set up and will not be affected by changing privacy regulations.