The only media mix solution built for the pace of modern performance marketing

The Recast model methodology was built from the ground up and uses novel statistics and computation techniques. But empowering your team to cut wasted media spend takes more than having the best math. Your team will be trained to use the Recast media optimization platform to access the data they need to make decisions, adjust channel spend toward the most efficient mix, and forecast outcomes based on simulated plans. Model results are updated weekly, so you are always working with the most up-to-date results and can measure new channels in just weeks.

Actioning the Model Output with On-Platform Functionality

Optimizer Tool

Input your goal and per-channel and total budget spend constraints, and receive a budget that is optimized for your selected target (profit, ROI, or revenue)

Forecaster Tool

Budgets are shrinking, and you need to know what channels you can pull spend from that will have the least impact on revenue.

The Revenue

What channels drove our revenue last week?

Recast measures your incremental media-driven revenue, revenue driven by promotion and key dates, and the revenue that would have occurred in the absence of media spend (organic/base sales).

What Was My ROI by Channel?

ROI with Recast

Advanced Data

Recast has put the world’s top statisticians to work on solving the problem of marketing measurement so your team can focus on taking action.

Novel Solutions

Have a unique problem? We love that.
We are working to create the most flexible and accurate model possible, so we’ll have our team of PhD data scientists build your solution into our product.

Experiment Planning

Need a good read on a particular channel, or generally want to narrow your ROI confidence bounds? We will provide recommended spent to maximize data variation while minimizing risk.

Interpretation and Action

There is nothing we care about more than providing useful, actionable information. Our onboarding program gets most teams ready to answer 80% of their questions. For the other 20%, we are available to help with ad hoc meetings and detailed emails.