Why Recast?

We hold strong views about the right way to do MMM that can be surprising to teams accustomed to outdated methodologies.

MMM should be fast, accurate, and trustworthy. Recast was built from the ground up and reflects all of these values directly in our platform.

1) MMM Must Be Transparent and Verifiable

The most important feature of an MMM is verifiability. You should be able to verify the accuracy of your model and hold your vendor accountable if they’re missing forecasts. In the Recast platform, all users receive weekly model accuracy scorecards. How do these work?

Every week when someone logs into Recast, they receive a brand new model with new MMM data. This is great for in-flight media optimization, but it also creates a backlog of old MMM models. These older models are still capable of making to-the-dollar forecasts, so Recast backtests them with actual spend data.

Recast then compares the predicted revenues from these models (or other business KPI) vs. what was actually observed. The results of these backtests are posted every week in Recast and answer a critical question: is my model consistently predicting the future?

Transparency is also a core value at Recast and all model methodology is made publicly available. Recast encourages prospective customers to review this documentation and reach out to our team with any questions they have.

2) Speed Matters

MMM results need to move at the same cadence as your marketing team, otherwise they won’t be useful.

Recast is an on-demand MMM platform built to fully refresh every week (or at whatever cadence best suits your marketing team). You’ll never have to wait 3 months to get updated MMM results again.

3) MMMs Should Help You Hit Your Forecast

MMM should be much more than just an analysis that generates insights. It should be a system of continuous model improvement and experimentation.

The Recast platform provides a powerful suite of tools that are action-oriented toward helping you hit your forecast, validate your MMM and improve marketing performance.

We take our jobs as scientists seriously: we are committed to pursuing the truth in all its glory and we don’t shy away from uncomfortable truths (even if it means telling a customer something they don’t want to hear). By providing an independent and unbiased assessment of marketing performance, Recast gives marketers a central source of truth they can trust.

Meet our Data Science & Research Teams

Recast is built by scientists, for marketers. We are committed to using the world’s most advanced techniques and technologies to solve the most important problems in marketing measurement.

Andrew Bennington

Head of Strategic Insights

Pragna Bhatt, MS

Data Scientist

Rok Cesnovar, Ph.D

Sr. Research Scientist

Jackson Curtis, MS

Sr. Data Scientist

Michael Kaminsky

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Demetri Pananos, Ph.D

Sr. Data Scientist

Antonio Vargas, Ph.D

Sr. Data Scientist

Tom Vladeck, MS, MBA

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

David Walker, MS

Sr. Data Scientist

Kara Woo, MLIS

Sr. Software Engineer

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