E-Book: Operationalizing MMM for Modern Brands

At Recast we’re on a mission to rid the world of wasted advertising spend. We talk to many brands who are looking to Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to help them measure marketing performance, in order to better optimize their marketing budgets.

Some marketers are using outdated econometrics techniques or traditional vendors, and could benefit from adopting modern best practices. Others have yet to build their first model, and are finding the complexity of choices daunting. So we decided to put together this guide to “Operationalizing Modern MMM For Your Brand”.

The eBook covers everything from gathering and cleaning data for your model, through to how validate the accuracy and plausibility of your model after it’s built. Furthermore, we cover everything you need to succeed with an MMM project, including a checklist of features, estimated timelines, and tips on how to win over stakeholders.

The eBook is completely free, with no obligation to talk to sales (though if you want to learn more, we would love to talk).

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