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Fully verifiable results.

Recast is a modern media mix modeling platform. Optimize
your channel mix, forecast reliably, and eliminate
wasted marketing spend (every week).

Trusted by the world’s best marketing teams

Leading brands optimize over $1.2 billion in annual marketing spend with Recast

Continuously measure true incrementality

Recast helps you understand the true impact of your marketing
channels. Our privacy-friendly platform refreshes weekly so you
can make better decisions in real-time.

Goal Tracker

Set a business goal and Recast will automatically track your pacing against and probability of meeting it.

Budget Optimizer

Input a goal (profit, ROI, or revenue) and Recast will show you exactly how to optimize budgets across channels to meet it.

Scenario Analysis

Seamlessly upload budgets, explore scenario analyses, and view the results of different forecasts in our interactive platform. 

Bonus: Recast automatically self-calibrates with your incrementality tests.

Recast solves marketing’s
hardest measurement problems

It’s getting harder to track consumer behavior.
Privacy Controls like iOS14.5, ad blockers and Intelligent Tracking Prevention have severely impacted marketers’ ability to measure campaign performance. Recast is a privacy-friendly solution that improves your ability to measure all of your marketing channels.

An omnichannel media mix can be difficult to track.
Many companies incorporate TV, billboards, PR, influencers and other hard-to-track channels into their media mix. Recast measures the incrementality of these online and offline channels, as well as halo effects.

In-platform tools can’t answer difficult business problems.
Recast is built to provide actionable answers to challenging problems you might be facing. Things like How do we allocate budget to meet our annual new customer goal? and Should we double down on our big TV campaign? Or cut it short?

Meet Our Founders

We saw too much MMM snake-oil being sold and wanted to do something about it. Together with some of the world’s top statisticians, we’re building a comprehensive measurement platform that helps modern marketers make better decisions.

Tom Vladeck holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Wharton. Prior to co-founding Recast he built a quantitative market research firm consulting for clients such as Amazon, McKinsey and Nike.

Michael Kaminsky is a trained econometrician with a background in healthcare and environmental economics. He previously built the marketing science team at men’s grooming brand Harry’s before co-founding Recast.

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