The MMM Platform for Modern Marketers

Our best-in-class marketing mix modeling platform helps you eliminate wasted marketing spend, optimize your channel mix and generate reliable forecasts.


Improve ROI up to 20%

Clients using Recast improve their blended ROI up to 20% within 6 months, achieving faster and more efficient growth.


Privacy friendly tools

Recast does not use any user-level or cookie data, so it is easy to set up and will not be affected by changing privacy regulations that effect other measurement methodologies.

Trusted by top performance marketing brands

The world’s best marketers optimize over $1.2 billion in annual marketing spend with Recast

Make Better Decisions with Recast

Weekly model refreshes let you measure the true incrementality of your marketing in real-time. Eliminate wasted marketing spend and keep doubling down on what works.

Goal tracking

Automatically track your pacing against goal, probability of hitting goal, and get automatic recommendations to improve performance.

Budget Optimizer

Input your goal (profit, ROI, or revenue) and Recast will show you exactly how to optimize budgets across channels to meet it.

Scenario analysis

Seamlessly upload budgets, explore scenario analyses, and see the results of different forecasts in our interactive platform. Bonus: you don’t need to be a data scientist to use it.

Solving Real Problems for Leading Brands

Recast helped our brand work through unchartered territories by modeling out our marketing activations during the pandemic.

Neil Heckman, Director, Acquisition Marketing at Away

With Recast, we’ve been able to produce measurement for our retail channels comparable to what we previously only had for DTC.

Josh Heidler, Head of Growth at Harry’s Labs

Recast has been an invaluable partner and has provided marketing insights where our post-checkout survey and multitouch attribution partner couldn’t and can’t.

Marjorie Chelius, Head of Marketing at Mockingbird

The Recast Difference

Marketers need tools that are unbiased and accurate. Recast’s team of PhD Data Scientists has been building best-in-class algorithms for over 5 years.


Optimize your budget in-flight based on real-time performance.


Modern MMMs must be verifiable. We provide tools to continuously verify our model’s accuracy so you can always trust the results.


See model accuracy and underlying uncertainty (confidence intervals) in an easy-to-use web interface.


Recast is designed for action to help your team avoid “analysis paralysis”.


Recast automatically adapts to a changing world so you are always up-to-date.


Recast’s sophisticated statistical model can handle all of the complexity of your business.

Meet Our Founders

We saw too much MMM snake-oil being sold and wanted to do something about it. Together with some of the world’s top statisticians, we’re building a comprehensive measurement platform that helps modern marketers make better decisions.

Tom Vladeck holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Wharton. Prior to co-founding Recast he built a quantitative market research firm consulting for clients such as Amazon, McKinsey and Nike.

Michael Kaminsky is a trained econometrician with a background in healthcare and environmental economics. He previously built the marketing science team at men’s grooming brand Harry’s before co-founding Recast.