Improve the ROI of your marketing dollars.

Recast’s continuous lift measurement platform determines the true incrementality of your marketing channels in real time. Run better experiments and optimize your budget using the AI-driven Recast Platform

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Full-funnel incrementality, apples-to-apples

Recast is the only tool designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with programmatic channels as well as offline media, all in real-time.

True incrementality without costly lift-tests

Unlike other attribution technologies, Recast estimates the true lift associated with adding or subtracting dollars from a marketing channel

No more coupon codes

Recast doesn’t rely on coupon codes or link tracking. Stop training your customers to expect discounts just to enable reporting.

Measure when it matters most

Recast measures your channel performance during the holiday period without having to run lift tests that could put your plan at risk

Finally you can calculate the lift of your un-trackable marketing efforts

Estimate the true ROI of email, influencers, PR, and more:

  • New product launches
  • Earned media and PR campaigns
  • Influencers and Organic Social Media
  • Email campaigns

Brand marketing programs shouldn’t be unmeasurable. Recast gives your marketing leadership direct insight into what works (and what doesn’t).

Recast works with the data you already have

Get insights in three easy steps

  1. Collect your marketing spend data — one row per week with one column per marketing channel
  2. Collect your outcome data — one row per week with one column for the outcomes important to your business
  3. Let Recast help you optimize channel performance, budget, and plan

Learn how Recast can boost your ROI

In today’s environment, you can’t afford to spend money on marketing channels that aren’t working for you. Recast can help you deliver more returns for less money. Talk to our experts today!

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