Recast Agency Partner Program

Partner with Recast, and deliver better outcomes for your clients.

When a data-driven team knows the true performance of each of their media channels, optimizing their cross-channel media spend can unlock millions in revenue. The problem is, media mix modeling is really hard. Our team of PhD data scientists has spent years building the most accurate and actionable modeling methodology available, so our customers’ results are consistently validated by lift tests and experiments.

Whether you have a specific client that you want to support with a more advanced measurement and optimization solution, or you are an analytics and data science professional vetting solutions for your whitelist, you’ve come to the right place. Together, we can help your clients achieve their goals.

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Recast partners with media agencies to support your clients

Fully Managed

Use Recast on behalf of your clients to make better media decisions and report on incremental impact.

Equal Partnership

Both agency and client team members access the Recast platform and use it to inform marketing decisions and think holistically about mix performance.


When your client asks you to recommend a media mix or incrementality measurement partner, send them our way. Reach out to learn about Recast’s agency client referral program.