Drive More Revenue,
Spend Less Money

Improve ROI up to 20% in as little as 6 months. Recast helps you
identify underperforming channels, eliminate wasted marketing
spend and double down on what works.

The Recast Process

Getting started with Recast is easy. From data collection
to model delivery, an in-house team of data scientists will teach
you the best ways to get value from Recast.

Data Collection

The Recast team will help
format your conversion data
for intake. They’ll infuse your
model with existing knowledge
of your business so it can
return actionable results.

Model Validation

In order to take action, you need
to trust Recast’s output. Every Recast model is validated before delivery to
make sure your insights are accurate and actionable.

Model Delivery

In as little as five weeks, Recast’s
tools will start providing
recommendations to improve your
ROI. Your model refreshes weekly
so you can adjust marketing
budgets in real time.

See our Bayesian MMM platform in action

Model Methodology Overview

Recast’s model methodology was built from the ground up by an in-house team of PhD
statisticians. For a closer look, review our model methodology documentation.

1) Run Millions of Simulations

Recast runs millions of simulations, each a path of what your conversions would have been with a specified set of ROIs, time-shifts, and other factors like organic growth.

2) Identify Plausible Simulations

Amongst these simulations, Recast identifies the ones that are closest to your actual set of historical conversions.

3) Summarize Simulation Results

Each plausible simulation contains a full set of ROIs, organic growth trajectories, time-shifts, and more. These are all summarized on your Recast dashboard.

Recast In-Action

Co-Founder Tom Vladeck walks through the Recast platform and shows how marketers are using it to improve ROI. Want to see more? Check out demos of every core Recast feature.

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