Media mix modeling for performance marketers

Recast has reimagined media mix modeling to be more actionable and reliable. Built by scientists, trusted by marketers.

Additional insight with Recast

More than traditional media mix models

Real time

Stay actionable with insights that keep up with the speed of your business.

True incrementality

Don’t just report on what happened, use Recast to shape the future.


Visualize how your marketing channel’s performance changes over time.

Use Recast with your other attribution methodologies

Recast works best when used in conjunction with other attribution methodologies like touch-based attribution and lift tests.

  1. Use click-based attribution to evaluate and micro-optimize individual campaigns
  2. Use Recast to estimate true incremental lift, forecast, budget, and optimize over the whole mix
  3. Use lift tests to validate the MMM and understand how many clicks and touches are truly incremental

These three strategies complement each other to create a strong and unbiased view of your true marketing performance.

A top-down model yields fair comparisons

Top-down regression-based models like Recast augment touch-based attribution systems in important ways

Recast requires very little data to work effectively. Because no clicks or impressions are required to use Recast, you don’t have to make any hacky assumptions to compare offline and online channels.

Recast is specifically designed to estimate incrementality directly so you know how much of your performance is driven by organic traffic vs. true lift from marketing.

Because Recast calculates the declining efficiency of spending in different marketing channels, Recast can help you predict how major shifts in your spending will impact your bottom line without any guesswork.

A new type of Media Mix Model

While other tools attempt to divide up all of your revenue into different buckets, Recast predicts exactly how much revenue you can drive by increasing spending in a specific marketing channel. You need to know what your actual ROI is today, not just a hypothetical.

Recast is all about actionability. Rather than just tell you what happened in the past, Recast tells you what you can do to change the future.

At Recast, we’ve reimagined what media mix modeling can be from the ground up. While older tools are oriented around quarterly or biannual media buys, Recast is designed for modern marketers making real-time budgeting decisions in response to changes in performance and market conditions.

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