Drive More Revenue, Spend Less Money

Clients can improve their total return on ad spend by 5%-20% in their first 6 months with Recast. By using Recast to identify underperforming channels and testing spend or strategy adjustments each week, they eliminate their wasted marketing spend and double down on what works.

Recast helped our brand work through unchartered territories by modeling out our marketing activations during the pandemic.

Neil Heckman, Director, Acquisition Marketing at Away

Recast has been an invaluable partner and has provided marketing insights where our post-checkout survey and multitouch attribution partner couldn’t and can’t.

Marjorie Chelius, Head of Marketing at Mockingbird

With Recast, we’ve been able to produce measurement for our retail channels comparable to what we previously only had for DTC.

Josh Heidler, Head of Growth at Harry’s Labs

Value Creation with Recast

Recast gives you all of the information you need to adjust your marketing budget in real time. Redirect funds from an under-performing channel to one of your top performers. Never miss your target again.

Efficient Growth

Use your budget efficiently to meet long term, sustainable growth goals by allocating spend optimally across channels.

Accelerated Growth

Identify the saturation curves for each channel and experiment with new channels to capture as much market share as you can.

Cost Reduction

Budgets are shrinking, and you need to know what channels you can pull spend from that will have the least impact on revenue.

Our mission: Rid the World of Wasted Marketing Spend

Effective marketing requires deep empathy with customer problems, creative genius, and, critically, the ability to accurately measure what’s working in a world that’s constantly shifting under our feet.

Unfortunately, today’s marketers are flying blind trying to piece together disconnected and biased data sources into a coherent whole. Marketers need tools that are unbiased, accurate, and actually answer the questions that will help them make better marketing decisions. Recast is building exactly those tools.

Our mission - Solution