Modern Marketing Mix Modeling

Ridding the world of wasted marketing spend through privacy-friendly attribution, modern Bayesian statistics, and automated data pipelines.


Unlock your growth potential

Most clients using Recast can improve their blended ROI by 10% within 6 months, achieving faster and more efficient growth.


Privacy friendly

Recast does not use any user-level or cookie data, so it is easy to set up and will not be affected by changing privacy regulations that effect other measurement methodologies.

Trusted by top performance marketing brands

The Recast Difference

Recast helps optimize your marketing performance by accurately measuring the true impact of your marketing in real-time.

Real-time performance

Built to help modern marketers adjust spend based on real-time performance

Confidence intervals

Confidence intervals for every ROI, saturation curve, and time shift estimate

Saturation curves

Predicts where your next dollar will be most effective taking into account channel saturation

Automated modeling

Recast’s fully Bayesian model lets us incorporate your business directly into the model

Weekly results

Initial results 2-3 weeks after receiving data, then weekly results in 1-2 days

Optimizer and forecaster tools

Input your goal and per-channel and total budget spend constraints, and receive a budget that is optimized for your selected target

The Clear Choice

Inferior models misestimate impact or don’t get you results in time, causing you to flush working dollars down the drain. When you are spending millions on marketing, you cannot overestimate the cost of getting it wrong.

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Changing ROI Over Time
Marketing Spend Time-Shift
Declining Marginal
Efficiency of Spend
Pull-Forward and Pull-Backward effects
Model Seasonality
Handle Upper and Lower Funnel Channels Correctly
Incorporate Results
of Lift Tests
Update Frequently

Recast: Your Single Source of Truth for Cross Channel Media Allocation

Channel agnostic, Recast gives equal weight to:

  • Top of funnel
  • Bottom of funnel
  • Offline channels
  • Online channels

Recast: The only media mix solution built for the pace of modern performance marketing

Recast only uses spend data, not impressions or clicks, so your results are not biased toward channels with better tracking. What you get is an apples to apples view of media performance across the funnel.

An omnichannel media mix can be difficult to track.
Many companies incorporate TV, billboards, PR, influencers and other hard-to-track channels into their media mix. Recast measures the incrementality of these online and offline channels, as well as the halo effects they have on each other.