Additional Insight with Recast

More than traditional media-mix models

Real Time

Stay actionable with insights that keep up with the speed of your business.

True incrementality

Don’t just report on what happened, use Recast to shape the future.


Visualize how your marketing channel’s performance changes over time.

Insight when it matters most

For many retail businesses 30% of their business occurs during the peak holiday shopping period. Recast measures your peak-period marketing incrementality without running risky lift-tests.

  • Lift tests run outside of holiday periods don’t generalize to in-season performance
  • Real-time tools from Recast help you adjust spend in real time during the most important time of the year

Upgrade your budgeting process

  • Use Recast’s built-in budgeting tool to remove the guess-work from your planning process.
  • Recast uses historical spend and efficiency patterns plus seasonality to help you optimize your marketing budget.
  • Fine-tune your budget to match your business needs using granular control options.

Better insights means more profit

Using Recast’s proprietary technology, your marketing team can increase sales¬†and profitability. Schedule a demo to learn more!

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